Daily Photo: December 3rd


One of the things we love about our city is the public transportation! Here is a local tram that circles one of our favorite neighborhoods. Took this photo early this morning as we waiting for an office to open after a night of rain.


Daily Photo: December 2nd


Today while leaving our local “Tuesday” open air market with a full load of vegetables I was hit by the call to prayer from the local mosque. It was such a calm street and somber sound compared to the business of the market I had just left. Some days the call to pray goes almost completely unnoticed, like I’ve gotten used to it. On other days it’s reminder five times a day that I live here.

Daily Photo: December 1st


As the days grow colder the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts grow stronger from the road side stands. Walking around our city there are many new sights, sounds, and smells to experience but one that I enjoy the most on cold days like this is chestnuts roasting on an open fire. It’s the perfect snack on a cold day. As we get closer to Christmas it helps add to the holiday spirit and reminds me of family. Happy December 1st!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite


Thanks to my iPhone I am able to bring you a view of the Pacific Ocean for the theme of “Infinite” this week. Standing on the beach just below Pacifica, the ocean seem to be an expanse of endless waves on the horizon. Rhythmically the came in and out on the beach in an endless cycle. Cheers!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


When I think of “carefree” I think of growing up on the lake, working for the family business, and hanging out with friends… either local or seasonal. The reality of life on the lake was seldom carefree, and working for family… well, it’s family. But the memories, they’re carefree. It was a time in life I look back upon with carefree longing, a time of great memories, friends, and family. As I look forward to the future it’s great to have dreams based in such good memories and upon such a firm foundation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


As I wait for the rain to stop, I take shelter under a tree along the river. Looking out I see Rome through a curtain of rain. The city, and the sun, are just out of reach. But they hold a promise… they are both waiting for me on the other side. Only a foreshadow of what’s to come.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh



I figured I would take the “fresh” theme of this week in two different ways. First, I want to introduce you to the product of our foraging efforts… fresh blackberries! We live in an area where wild blackberry bushes, well, grow wildly. It only takes a little bit of effort, a few wounded arms, and voila, a plethora of fresh berries! Second, I’m making a fresh start at this blog and in particular the weekly photo challenge. I have been absent for way to long while my camera has been sitting unused in its case. It time to make a change… or a fresh start.