Weekly Photo Challenge: Home


Having grown up in the mountains there are few things that say “home” to me like a wood fire. For that majority of my life my family relied on wood heat throughout the winter. Tromping through the snow to the woodshed and keeping the wood box full was part of my and my brothers job as children. We each had a number of pieces we were required to bring in and often made a competition of who could carry the most and get the job done in the fewest trip. I lost most of the time…. even as the oldest. I never found that straining myself with “large” loads was worth the one or two extra trips it would require to fulfill my quota. Even today, if I take a trip to the mountains it is not quite fulfilling if I don’t have a wood fire to tend.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Dad says anytime you want to haul in an arm load of wood come on up!… the charm of the chore had worn off at this point in the winter.

  2. Mom, I would love to come haul some wood! Maybe we can come up before all that great snow is gone. Nothing like hauling wood in the snow. 🙂

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