Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


This weeks “Beyond” photo challenge inspired this series of photos taken along the Mendocino coast in Northern California over the weekend as my wife and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It was a great time of rest, planning, re-centering, and looking “beyond” the present to see what the Lord has for our lives. (Above is a photo of the road we walked out Pt. Cabrillo light house. If you look between the trees you will see the light house off in the distance and the ocean beyond.)


The light house serves for me as a reminder of what we center our lives around and what our guiding light is in this world. For me and my wife that guiding light is the Word of God and His will for our lives. The light house is a reminded that in the fogs of life, without the light of Christ to guide us we will be blown into the rock as countless ships have the without lighthouses. (Photo above of Pt. Cabrillo light house above)


Being in such a beautiful place it is hard not to take time for a photo or two. My wife is vary patient with me as I drag my camera case around from place to place. She has to constantly remind me that I need to put my camera down and enjoy our surroundings. She is right! This was an amazing weekend away with her that I will not soon forget. (Photo above of Martha and I)


Looking out at the coast I am reminded that while the light house was a guiding light for ships, it was only useful for those at see. It was a beacon and landmark for the traveler, the adventurers, as they made their way along their journey. For those who remained upon the safety of the shore it meant vary little, often only an annoyance with its light and resounding fog horn. But for those upon the sea it was the difference between life an death. (Photo above: Rocky Mendocino coast)


While it was the light house that drew us to the edge of the see, it is the unknown adventure that calls us beyond. As my wife and I stood looking out at the see where the heavens touched the water, I realized that the light house did not beacon us to safety but called us to a life of adventure somewhere over the horizon. Yes the light house brought ships into harbor safely, but more than that, It kept them safe on course as they made their way up and down the coast and to port unknown. A ship may dock for a season but it was never long before the wind in it’s sails and the taste of salt in the air drove it back out to see. So should be our live. God gave us His word that we may set the course of our lives by it. At times it may bring us into safe harbor but He never intends for us to remain there. The light house is set to keep us off the rocks and to help us to aline our course. It is the wind that drives us forward… and all by the great mercies of God.


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