Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination



When I first saw the that “Illuminations” was the inspirational backing for this weeks photo challenge I had many images in mind. This night photo Golden Gate Bridge at night is one of them. I have lived in the San Francisco bay area for almost nine years, driving across this bridge many times a week, and it never gets old. There is still a bit of wonder and amazement every time I cross the bridge.

As I look at the bridge all lit up I am reminded that this is more than just a bridge. It is a life line between two dramatically different parts of the Bay Area. On the south side of the bridge you have San Francisco with all it’s cultural expression and thriving urban life. On the north side you’ll find Marin county in all its natural beauty. Both sides have their appeal and both side attract those from the other. I live in Marin but I can’t avoid the call of the City… and for those in SF, they can’t avoid the draw of the raw natural side of the bay. The bridge is much more than a bride… it is a two mile stretch of human constructions that transports one between two totally different life experiences.


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