Lent: Regaining Perspective and Centering Focus

With the dawning of Lent today I have begun to realize how many things really need to be cut out of my life. There are things I do day in and day out which bring no real benefit to my life, yet I continue to do them. Some things actually detract from the quality of my life and my relationship with others but they seem so hard to cut out. It is this realization that must be the intended purpose of this season, right? How do we live without those things we do not need? The season of Lent brings about so many questions. Who is in control of my habits? Can I really stop doing this or start doing that? Yet, the real reason for this season is to center our focus on the Lord God Almighty. So many things distract us from His presence that this is a time to regain a focus on what is most important, God.

You may think this is going to be a post about the importance of Lent and the shedding of useless habits, but you would be wrong. This is a post to let all of you, my faithful readers (friends and family), that I am going to be taking a 40 day break from blogging, or at least from any blogging of real substance. This is not my Lent commitment nor should it indicate any obsession or compulsion of mine about blogging. If you have been reading my blog at all, you realize I have not been as faithful to this as I would like. This sabbatical from blogging is meant to help me regain a helpful perspective and to center my focus.

What does my focus need to be centered on, you may ask? It needs to be centered on my thesis. This is not to say that God is not my ultimate focus, but at the moment He has put me in this place for a particular reason and my post-graduate education has come down to one final project, a 100 page thesis. At this moment I have 36 days to write this thesis! So, you can see that my focus needs to be on the thesis process and not on blogging or many other enjoyable pastimes. At the begging of the year I said I wanted to blog once a week and that is still my desire but for this Lent season, this thesis season, I need to step back and put all of my attention into research and writing.

As you think about me, please keep me in your prayers. I am going to need all the focus and strength I can find. I hope to be able to stop in now and then to bring you an update as my thesis comes to completion. But at the moment I don’t have the energy to spare to share any deep thoughts apart from those entering my thesis. Thank you for your prayers and I look forward to sharing with you what this 40 days will bring to fruition.

P.S. For all of you who were wondering what my thesis is about, I am critiquing Richard Fosters book Celebration of Discipline through the lens of a Believers’ Church Ecclesiology. Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?