The Journey

What is this notion of “Journey” which seems to be eagerly sought after? Why does a man give freely all that he has gained in the pursuit of adventure, in pursuit of the Journey? Recently I have found my mind not wondering far from this idea of “journey”. It is the beginning of a new journey and the ending of the old that causes me to pause and think about my life.

In January I was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge early one morning only days before my wedding when I came upon one of the most amazing sunrises I have ever seen. I have never quite overcome the marvel of crossing the Golden Gate in my years here, yet on this day it took on a whole new meaning and newness. The journey of a new day was upon me and in the rising of the sun I saw a new journey rising before me as I was about to be married. In that moment I was overcome with a wonder of what the journey of marriage would look like, realizing I had no idea what to expect. I had seen marriages before but never had I been the one to walk down that path. This would be the dawning of a new adventure.

As I watched the sun rise I was reminded that soon it would set, as it cannot help but do. Every journey has a beginning and an ending, as the sun has a rising and a setting. Soon I would put on the wedding ring and my life as a single man would end and my life lived with Martha would begin. I had never been more suited for the task and I looked forward to the challenges of this new journey.

Now we have just celebrated two month of marriage and the journey is still new. The sun has only begun to rise and I find that every moment on this path reminds me of its newness and my lack of experience. So as this journey begins I believe it is only fitting that this blog is set in motion, giving me a place to launch my ideas upon the world.